I was a bit busy today so you guys get a pic of me and my wet hair right after my night shower. Loveeeee ittt!

PS. Check out the tan! it is coming in nicely

Princess Rawrragle J'adore <3


Not a corpse...yet

So here is a picture of my feet! are they not the cutest feets you have ever seen YES THEY ARE OH YES THEY ARE!!. I have lately been trying to change some of the aspects of my life for the better and one of those is to take better care of myself so I started to do some more cardiovascular exercising and I find that it makes me feel great as well as helps me sleep a little bit better. I know that I love that true tired feeling because I will end up with a great nights rest so I can reset and be ready to go again tomorrow :D YAY FOR CHANGE AND GLADNESS!

Princess Rawrragle ...<3...



Lately I have enjoyed playing around with different perspectives and angles for my work and I get a good kick out of this kind of experimenting!. This photo does not have to much meaning behind it but I thought it was fun anyways :D

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This is all you guys are getting today. I am tired and worn out...blaaaah.

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Personally I believe that many of us (myself included of course) could stand to benefit from "reaching for the skies". I believe that taking chances can enhance your personal life as well as the life of others around you. So get up stand up and jump without knowing where you are going to land. :)

Princess Rawrragle <3 Take more chances.



Today I woke up realizing that we have full control of our lives and we should only feel bad about it because we are the ones that make ourselves mad, sad, envious etc etc etc.. I Found myself looking in the mirror when I had gotten up at 1:09 PM and telling myself that I need to get back on to the right track and take care of what matters most at the moment which conveniently enough is ME!. We all have the power to mold and control our own little world and I should never forget this. <3

PS. Back to the way I felt a few posts(days?) ago TIME FOR A FULL SUPERMEGAAWESOMEHYPER change!

Princess Rawrraggle <3



Sometimes I feel like I want to fade away into everything else that surrounds us, but I always keep telling myself not to worry because in the end everything works out. Some very special people have been really helping me out lately and I truly love you guys for the support. Keep on truckin'.

PS. Check out this as well as this. Those two videos are directed by Mattias Montero who is a very wicked cinematographer with a fantastic vision. Please check both of those vids as well as his site.

Princess Rawrragle you are my world.