When I am myself

So while I am on my hiatus from uhh.. myself I guess I may as well post some things up. This is the kind of thing that I do when I am not doing myself with that kind of thing. The lovely girl right there goes by the name of Hailie-Maria and she is a hoot to work with, and for those wondering my style is a kinda sort of vintage like saturated old school film look. I do enjoy what I do way to much and will continue to do it for the rest of my life.

I like to do more spontaneous shooting really. I think snap shooting is key for humanistic moments in images.

Princess Rawrragle Rawrs at gragragles <3



No picture today sorry guys! Just super busy getting some stuff did!.....happens right!



So currently a lot of this thinking and all that other stuff I have been doing is in the works and slowly but surely going to become reality which is just about the coolest thing now! :D. A few minutes ago something happened that I can't speak about that made my..umm WEEK!. I am so happy right now teeheehee.

Princess Rawrragle has pert, volumous and manageable hair!.



Another super simple image but more meaning to it!. I have decided that different shades of me need to converge to make a new one! on my 24th I think its time to destroy+rebuild. I shall become new.

PS. This one would be more complex but im pretty busy getting stuff ready to better things for myself.

Princess Rawrragle is a cherry blossom <3


24 reasons to change

In about 35 minutes I will be one year older going from 23 to the almost quarter century 24. This whole month has been harsh as hell on me and I almost lost one of the best reasons for me to keep trying. I say almost because it is a partially lost pillar for me and its hard. I want to change in fact I need to change and I want my 24th year on this earth to be significant. I think I need to grow up a little or maybe a lot.

Princess Rawrragle simply is the best thing in life.



Today was an absolutely horrible day. Bad things happen in great numbers!. Sam said that even the jelly was not good..that fucking sucks.

Princess Rawrragle <3...in light of everything.



Lately I have not been feeling down anymore but instead just a bit lost. Right now as it stands I am not to sure about a lot of things anymore and just kind of hope for the best as it comes. Do not get me wrong I am pretty happy but just wish I had some stability and certainty in life now.

Princess Rawrragle is apple pie. <3