Larger than life!.

I have been told within my short time and not so long of a day on this planet that sometimes I come off as a larger than life character. I personally don't understand what it maybe! Perhaps its my style, maybe it is my attitude, can it even be my demeanor?. I came to the conclusion that to myself and my miniscule 5'4 stature I'm not larger than anyones life but instead just choose to live mine on my very own terms. People should drop their inhibitions and be themselves for more then just themselves but for the others in their lives as well. Love you guys :D

PS. Travis Touchdown is my new hero!

PPS. I find it very ironic that today a horse by the name of Big Brown that is sponsored by UPS did not choose to run so well today he he he.



I feel happy!, havent been buzzed in a bit WOOOO but yea.. a bit late but OH well I guess its 2 updates today. I love my friends!


What they mean to me.

When I look at how vibrant they are, what they do to change our moods and how they can make anything just a little extra ordinary they make me smile. Colours are the essence of life. The old has died completely time to re-invent the new.


Brand new pink.

Think about dreaming big, drop those who cant be true, always remember truth, begin fresh, begin new and begin pink. Things are on the up and up and I'm a big boy that can take care of himself. Thanks a billion for the hair Lina <3

PS. Those are blue and red stars on my sides. :D



At this exact second this is how big I feel. The BOY was devoured and ruined for the night.


Welcome to me!

Welcome to the 1st ever super cool post of what is going to be an entire archive of me! me me me me me!. I do not know why I decided to go ahead and do this maybe it was because I was far to bored with other photo blogs due to the lack of said ME or maybe it was because I think everyone needs a little more me in their lives.

Well sit back and enjoy (daily).

PS. Seriously you bastards better enjoy!. Click the photo for bigger me.