When I am myself

So while I am on my hiatus from uhh.. myself I guess I may as well post some things up. This is the kind of thing that I do when I am not doing myself with that kind of thing. The lovely girl right there goes by the name of Hailie-Maria and she is a hoot to work with, and for those wondering my style is a kinda sort of vintage like saturated old school film look. I do enjoy what I do way to much and will continue to do it for the rest of my life.

I like to do more spontaneous shooting really. I think snap shooting is key for humanistic moments in images.

Princess Rawrragle Rawrs at gragragles <3


john p said...

this picture is gold nate!
this is how i've always pictured fashion photos!


thebrianwilson said...

awesome shots... hate the glasses. but she brings the sass and that always gets me

thebrianwilson said...

where the shit are you?
come back biatch

Anonymous said...

may i ask as to what you did to get this effect? its neat and i love it

sasha said...

if i get around to doing more of the zodiac, gemini will be my first and you'll be the first to see the finished copy :)