Larger than life!.

I have been told within my short time and not so long of a day on this planet that sometimes I come off as a larger than life character. I personally don't understand what it maybe! Perhaps its my style, maybe it is my attitude, can it even be my demeanor?. I came to the conclusion that to myself and my miniscule 5'4 stature I'm not larger than anyones life but instead just choose to live mine on my very own terms. People should drop their inhibitions and be themselves for more then just themselves but for the others in their lives as well. Love you guys :D

PS. Travis Touchdown is my new hero!

PPS. I find it very ironic that today a horse by the name of Big Brown that is sponsored by UPS did not choose to run so well today he he he.

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amandaretes said...

you stand out in a world full of strangers