Welcome to me!

Welcome to the 1st ever super cool post of what is going to be an entire archive of me! me me me me me!. I do not know why I decided to go ahead and do this maybe it was because I was far to bored with other photo blogs due to the lack of said ME or maybe it was because I think everyone needs a little more me in their lives.

Well sit back and enjoy (daily).

PS. Seriously you bastards better enjoy!. Click the photo for bigger me.


Soolah said...

I think there needs to be photos of me on here too, then it would be even more super cool!

Reza H said...

Shoot Bout FRAKIN TIME!!!

Anonymous said...

Dude, it ain't art until we can see your wang in the shower photo.

amandaretes said...

I'll do some frequent check ups.
I'm excited to read your blog.
It's going to be very interesting.